Relics of the Dragon

RelicsOfTheDragon-Logo“Relics of the Dragon” is a turn-based role-playing game, consisting of 4 parts. Any of the first 3 parts may be played separately, because they are not dependent on each other. The fourth stage is the final part of the game and may not be played before all other parts have been completed. At the beginning of the game, the players have to select a character. Every character has different special skills. Progress along the map is determined by a throw of the dice. The players are free to choose the direction in which they wish to move. The aim of all players is to collect the highest number of points. Points are given for various items and for finishing the map in first, second or third place. Items are bought at markets or won in battle. During their turns, the players may land on steps marked in different colors. They represent markets, encounters with enemies, hidden traps and chances to win or lose some gold coins. In steps marked in purple or with a dice, the outcome for the player is determined by fate. In such steps, the player has to draw a “Fate” card or join a dice game with the dwarves. Both may bring the player either great luck or loss.
The game ends when all “relics” scattered across the map are carried to the end point, regardless of whether all participants have reached this destination.