Part I – The Mountain Troll

Part1-MountainTrollThe first part of the game begins in the King’s Palace. Charged with the difficult task of collecting the scattered relics, four of the heirs of the great Lords set off from there on a perilous adventure, all in a race to completed the mission first. Only these relics can restore the strength of the kingdom’s weakened defenses. However, in addition to being found, the relics must be carried to altars built all over the kingdom. The first altar the young heroes hear about is located in a small village, high up in the mountains that form the kingdom’s northern border. Upon reaching the mountains, the young lords learn that some of the relics they are seeking have already fallen into the hands of their enemies. Maorgs stalk the steep paths and our heroes will have to deal with them along the way. And the bravest of them will take a detour to look for the lair of the Mountain Troll – an ancient creature that the Corruption has resurrected from memories and legends to serve the Dragon. The young heroes realize it is highly unlikely that any of them will be able to slay the giant monster on their own. Therefore, they put aside their ambitions to prove themselves and join hands for a tough battle with their common enemy.