The Legend

More than 3,000 years ago, the wild Maorg tribes used to attack and ravage the lands of the people living in the Fertile Plains. However, the ancient clans of the Great Lords joined forces and won a decisive battle against them. After this Great War, in which the Maorgs were finally driven out beyond the high northern mountains, the United Kingdom of Yarulda was created.
However, according to the folklore of the dwarves, the kingdom was created because of the appearance of a powerful magical creature – the Black Dragon whose flesh had been woven from dark magic. Dragon flowers sprouted in every corner of the realm touched by its shadow. Their scent filled people’s souls with Corruption. People became aggressive, bandits roamed the land and nobody obeyed the law.
Only the families of the six Lords were insusceptible to the Corruption. They had mastered the raw magic that saturated the world, it seeped deep into their blood and protected them from the Dragon flower’s magic.
In order to help the common people, they united their domains into a single kingdom and called it Yarulda. Inside, they built sanctuaries for the people, which were impregnable to the Corruption. They then faced the Black Dragon itself, but did not manage to destroy it. All they could do was drain its magical power. The dragon fell through a volcano deep into the bowels of the earth, beyond the kingdom’s borders, where it remained in a state of deep hibernation.
After the battle, the Lords made an altar at each sanctuary. At a time of great danger, the altar could only be activated by placing four relics inside it.
The most skilful smithies among the dwarves made sixteen relics from dwarf silver and magic stones, which the six Lords imbued with immeasurable magical power. The dwarves hid the small chests with the relics in secret places and swore to give them to the Lords’ successors only in times of great need. After these dramatic events, the kingdom experienced a long period of peace and prosperity.
But one day, a giant black shadow blocked the sun. Strange flowers sprang up in the lush meadows. The Corruption once again started to permeate into people’s souls, spurring a wave of trouble. Even the Lords could not deal with the unrest. Therefore, when the King summoned them to the capital, they did not dare leave their domains to the devastation and go there in person. Instead, they sent their sole heirs. Even though the young Lords inhaled the Corruption along the way, it did not corrupt their souls. But it did something else – in just one night, it changed their appearance. Each young Lord was transformed into the heraldic animal of his own clan. This was an even clearer sign that the Dragon had awakened. And its servants were already searching for the relics scattered throughout the kingdom over the years in order to use them to restore the Dragon to its full power.